Friday, February 24, 2012

One moment at a time...

Waiting at the Airport

Hey everybody!
So I am going to piggy-back off of Melissa's post... kinda. I have been dragging this week and it has taken a few hours before our flight to realize why. I had been forcing myself to focus on school, thinking of the two exams I have after break. Now I realize why I was feeling so down, because I wasn't living in the moment. Now, a few hours before we embark, I am even thinking ahead to what I might expect. Going over what I have packed and if there is anything I could have possibly forgotten.
I need to stop.
I might not know what to expect, but I have to let myself be excited. So I am going into this trip with my mind open to all the possibilities of what might happen. I am done thinking ahead and am going to live in the present, and presently I will be trying to catch up on some sleep and enjoying the quiet peaceful campus. I am going to enjoy every moment of anticipation, in my own relaxed way.
Much love,

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