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 Well today is our last day and it was really fun last night having a chance to reflect and fellowship with the other group from GSU. Although we were doing different missions we were all aiming for the same purpose of helping the city of NOLA. This morning we went through the French Market and it was amazing. It was the best way I could think to ending the week; we got to see people we helped, hung out together and experienced the spirit of NOLA. I hope that with all of the work we did, all of the lives we touched and lessons we learned that we do not forget to impart what we learned to those back in Pittsburgh. Like the song we sang that morning "This little light of mine" we have to let our light shine so bright that other students are inspired to want to help also. Cory



Today was the last day of work and it was kinda of sad. I really wanted to stay until it was complete and see the fruits of my labor come to life when the owner walked through the doors of her brand new home. After work we rushed off to church and saw an amazing performance by Larae's church and their mime ministry. Their ministry through dance really was inspiring, especially the "breaking chains" song; it symbolized to me that no matter what any of us go through, if we trust God and trust that "all things work together for the good" nothing can hold us back. Cory


I spent the day with the DREAMTEAM Lauren Peters &Morgan Langton (whatup whatup!!) I thought that i'd be safe today and put on some sunscreen because yesterday I got a little burnt up :/ Later that night we went and had some authentic NOLA food with crawfish, oysters, some leaves with some bread crumbs in it (I forget the name haha but it was amazing), and sweet tea! After the meal, Sir John W. Booth showed us some of the "well documented" pictures he had taken of the flood... True Story Darlin'! But this trip really would not have been the same without him, his knowledge seemingly goes on forever and he is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Cory

Feb. 28, 2012

- So today was the first day we were able to get hammerin'! The work was getting a little annoying because we kept having to take down siding and re-doing all of our work, but I thought about the video we watched of the man from the community center and his quote "If you give 100% to us, we will give you 100% of ourselves" and it inspired me to not just want to halfheartedly build someone a Home, but to put all I had into the work. After we got off we ate some amazing breakfast for dinner put together by the wonderful chef's and then headed out for a night on the town. We were walking around Frenchmen St. and listened to some amazing jazz music which was one of the many highlights of the week for me. Cory

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