Sunday, March 4, 2012

NOLA Fever

It was wonderful getting a taste of what truly makes up New Orleans today. The pride in the culture is impeccable and infectious. While walking through the streets it's impossible not to get wrapped up in the music, colors, and smells all around. Yet through all of the commotion, there is a sense of peacefulness, joy, and homeliness. Here I am 1000 miles away from home, yet I feel comfortable and at peace. A remarkable atmosphere is created here. The members of the city know how great NOLA is and they want nothing more but to share it. Seeing this generosity, friendliness, and pure happiness is beautiful. Everything about this place is beautiful. After seeing all of this, it's hard to want to go to work when you could spend all day touring and being in town. But after thinking about it, there is nothing better than joining with this community to help redevelop it. The people make it easy to see why they want it fully restored to its magnificent beauty. I've caught the NOLA fever and I'm ready to be apart of the love.   Lauren

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