Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feb 28th, 2012
While our first day with Habitat could have been smoother, it was a great day nonetheless. After a late start, Catfish quickly caught us up on what we would be doing this week. We would begin with putting up siding and caulking the seams once finished. I never knew siding would be such a difficult job. I knew how to use a hammer coming into the week, but hammering siding is a completely different story, especially when you are up on ladders and need to balance. But by the end of the day it got much easier and I had helped to finish the side of the house! After our long day of work we got to go into the city to experience the sounds of jazz spilling out into the street. The atmosphere of Frenchman Street was incredible and it is a spot I would love to visit again someday.  Morgan