Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Green Light

Feb 27th, 2012
Today we were supposed to work with Beacon of Hope on an exterior painting job, but unfortunately it is rainy so plans have changed. Instead we worked with Green Light, an organization founded by Andreas Hoffmann in hopes to off set the carbon footprint he created while on tour with his band. Green Light gives out CFL light bulbs in exchange for regular ones which can drastically save residents money as well as reduce the amount of carbon emitted because the lights run off less voltage. We visited 5 houses, getting to hear some of the home owners stories and changing their light bulbs. Changing light bulbs in light fixtures on a ceiling about 12 feet tall is no easy job. The shotgun style house was new to me with a living area in the front then the bedroom behind and then the kitchen and bathroom all in a line with high ceilings, but JWB had told us about this style just the day before. I got to hear the story of Iris and her family during Katrina and how she and her sister are finally reunited and living as neighbors in their old house. After the great injustices they had suffered I was glad to be able to help in any way possible.  Morgan