Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Final Day

March 2nd, 2012
It is sad going to work knowing this will be our final day working with Habitat and Catfish. But most of the siding is done and I got moved to doing something different today. I cut and installed supports and shelves in each closet in the house. It was fun getting to use some power tools and doing something on my own that I could see mostly finished minus a final coat of paint and the addition of a rod for hanging clothes. Catfish was patient with my many questions to try to make these shelves as perfect as possible for the future family who will be living in the house. We stuck around for an extra half hour trying to finish as much work as we could on the house. Although I was disappointed that I won't get to finish the house, I know it is in good hands and will be finished within the next few weeks for a deserving family. A huge part of me wishes I could stay to see the family move in after putting so much into the house.
After work we got to experience gospel mime ministry. This is very different than any form of worship I have ever experienced, but I loved it. It reminded me that all you have to do is trust God and anything is possible. Kind of like how we all trusted that He would help this week would go smoothly and He helped a group of strangers become a group of close friends who didn't want to leave this place or each other.